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Eat This Not That Kidney Health Edition

Eat This Not That Kidney Health Edition  Promo:   Your diet plays a big role in the health of your kidneys. Learn what you sh

Your kidneys work hard to filter toxins from your blood and eliminate excess fluids from your body. While all this work happens without any effort on your part, there are things you can do to improve and protect your kidney health.

At Urology Specialist Group, we provide educational resources that you can use to optimize your kidney function. One of the primary ways you can maintain the health of your kidneys is through your diet.

Our board-certified urologists have put together some general dietary information to keep in mind when planning meals. We can also provide personal recommendations for necessary diet changes based on your age, overall health, and your wellness goals.

When it comes to your kidney health, what you don’t eat is just as important as what you do. Here are a few helpful tips you can incorporate into your current diet to enhance your kidney function.

4 foods to eat for good kidney health

A diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables supports the function of all your organs. Here are a few that are especially good for your kidneys:


Cabbage has phytochemicals that break up free radicals before they damage your kidneys and other organs. The leafy green is also a great source of folic acid, fiber, and vitamin B6 to lower your risk for kidney cancer and heart disease.

2. Apples

Apples have the ability to reduce cholesterol levels and reduce your risk for cancer. They are high in fiber and offer anti-inflammatory benefits to support kidney function.

3. Cranberries

Cranberries offer many benefits for your overall gastrointestinal health. They can lower your risk for bladder infections by stopping bacteria from adhering to the wall of your bladder. They also promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria and can protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer.


Blueberries are a superfood that are high in antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin C. In addition to nourishing your kidneys, blueberries also offer anti-aging benefits that support your bones and brain.

4 foods to avoid to protect your kidneys

There are several foods that can increase your risk for kidney dysfunction and disease, including:

1.High-sodium foods

Canned soups, soy sauces, and other high-sodium foods can put a strain on your kidneys and increase your blood pressure levels.

2. Frozen pizza

Frozen and takeout pizzas often contain high amounts of sodium and saturated fats that force your kidneys to work harder.

3. French fries

French fries and other deep-fried potato dishes are high in potassium which can compromise your kidney health, especially if you already have kidney disease.

4. Processed meats

Bacon, hot dogs, and other processed meats are high in salt and in animal proteins, which can elevate your blood pressure and put extra stress on your kidneys. Those who already have kidney disease may be at increased risk for the disease worsening when consuming a diet that’s high in animal proteins.

If you need dietary guidance to improve your kidney health, you can meet with our team to discuss meal plans that are a good fit for your needs. We also provide preventive screenings in-office for those at increased risk for kidney cancer and other diseases.

Call Urology Specialist Group in Miami Lakes or Hialeah, Florida, to schedule a kidney disease consultation or book an appointment online today.

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